Quality Control Deparment

Our enterprise has an ongoing Quality Control Department which comprises all the stages of production, including the controlling of the quality of decoration after each technological  process, acceptance of the end products and checking the strength of the package.

We purchase the best decorating materials from leading manufacturers. Certified laboratory of DanCo Décor Company provides a thorough quality control of glass containers, as well as of all materials and raw materials coming into production. In-depth analysis of the materials used for decoration allowed us to become the first among the CIS decorators who have developed and started production of their own matting powder under the brand name "Dafrost".

Our specialists developed and officially registered the only in Ukraine Technical Specifications governing the quality of decorative materials, glass products, glass decoration process and end products.

All inks and other materials that are used by our company for glass products decoration were fully certified by the relevant state authorities of Ukraine and approved for use on surfaces that come into contact with food.