Bottle with your photo and logo!

We are glad to present you the unique opportunity to enjoy an exclusive and original gift. DanCo Décor Company opens a new page in the manufacture of gift, souvenir and greeting accessories. As a leader in decoration of glass containers for alcoholic drinks, we render services for industrial decoration of bottles for leading Ukrainian brands, such as "Khortytsa ICE", "Plakuchaya Iva", "Morosha Premium", "Nemiroff Lex", "Prime", "La Femme", "Khlibnyi Dar", "Medoff" and many others.

In each food store of the country you can find a drink in a glass bottle which was decorated at our plant. Using the same materials and technologies as we use for the leaders of alcohol market we can create a bottle for a drink, shot glass, cup or any other glass item with an image of your close person, beautiful landscape or original design with congratulatory inscription or brand symbolic. We do not print the ordinary paper or transparent labels, we create professional décor with the inks which are deeply printed in glass at a high temperature and become a part of the glass item. With the help of this very technology the bottles for the entire world's leading manufacturers, such as "Grey Goose", "Absolut" and "Belvedere" vodka, “Hennessy" and "Remy Martin" cognacs and many others were made. 

A glass bottle, made according to your order at our plant, will not differ in quality of image, mechanical resistance of décor and tactual sensation from the bottles of the best manufacturers of alcohol. A bottle of drink, cup, shot glass, ashtray and any other glass item, decorated at your request, will decorate your festive table or home interior. It is an exclusive and absolutely original gift for wedding, anniversary, professional holiday or corporate event.