Powder for chemical matting "Dafrost"

Over nine years our company has been decorating the glass items by the method of chemical frosting and is the leader of glass products decoration in Ukraine. Сonstantly facing with problems of quality of Chinese and European frosting powders, we aimed to create our own powder that meets all the requirements, specified by glassware decorators to frosting powder.Using traditional technology, we have developed a product under the trademark "Dafrost", which meets the main requirements for its application, namely:

  • application in traditional chemical frosting with the use of chlorohydric acid;
  • low consumption of material for one glass item (8-9 gr. of powder for one bottle of "Tonda" type with 0,5 l. capacity);
  • increase of operating period between corrections of frosting solution that leads to higher productivity and reduction of materials consumption;
  • the possibility of long-term storage of the product in stock, without increase in its humidity by properly selected formulations and specially designed packaging;
  • the best price including transport delivery through the CIS;

Usually, Chinese and European manufacturers of frosting powders do not fully realize all the requirements made by decorating enterprises to their materials, since they are not direct glassware decorators. In this regard, only decorator (i.e. user of the product) can understand all the technological and financial nuances which should be considered by manufacturer of frosting powder for successful use of his material. Constantly using "Dafrost" in our production, and having frosted millions of various glass items, we came to a conclusion about successful work of our product and cost cutting. Each batch of "Dafrost" produced by us passes strict quality control and is tested at our production.

For customers from CIS countries the customs clearance of cargo in the territory of Ukraine is included in the cost of the product. 

Batch size and price for Russia and the CIS (FCA, Nova Vodolaga, Kharkiv region, Ukraine)

Over 10,000 kg up to 19,000 kg – 2,97 USD  / 1 kg.

Over 19,000 kg – 2,92 USD / 1 kg.