Selection of glass and capping means

Our company offers a full range of services to provide our customers with decorated glass products. This includes provision with a clean bottle, its decoration in accordance with the design approved by the customer, as well as the selection and supply of capping means in the required amount. Constantly in our stock we have bottles and glassware, which are well suited for high-quality decoration and passed a strict incoming control of plant Quality Control Department. Below you can see bottle samples offered for decoration.



           bottle "Absolut" (1l; 0,75l; 0,5l)                           bottle "Tonda" (0,7l; 0,5l)                               bottle "Futura" (0,7l; 0,5l)  


                      bottle "Arina" (0,7l)                                   bottle "DD0115" (0,7l)                                        bottle for varnish

If among the proposed glassware you have not found a product of interest, we offer products of all Ukrainian glass factories as well as leading international manufacturers of glass containers and tableware (e.g. of the French company "Saverglass" that is the worldwide leader in manufacturing of exclusive glass containers). Being a permanent trading partner of these companies, we are ready to provide the glass bottles of Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers for your selection in full concordance with your requirements and with specifics of beverage you have chosen at partnership prices and in the shortest time span. If you will not find a product of interest to you in catalogues of our partners we are ready to undertake works on creation of glass bottle design, manufacturing of a mould for it and organization of production of series-produced batch of bottles at one of glass factories in Ukraine and abroad. 

We are also ready to help your company in the organization of beverage bottling on the leading spirits companies in Ukraine.