Vacuum metallization

The DanCo Decor Company opened a new page in the history of the Ukrainian glassware decoration, having mastered the technology known as "vacuum metallization" which not only suggests the use of the special expensive equipment, but also places the great demands on the professional level of specialists and production standards.

Vacuum metallization is based on deposition of metal molecules on a vacuumed glass product surface, therefore the mirror effect is reached. At the same time, such decorative covering can have any color and shade chosen by a customer.

All technologies applied by specialists of the DanCo Decor plant can be used also during the work with the bottles with mirror effect. Moreover, some design decisions without application of a mirror dusting are simply impossible. For example, the text or the drawing which looks as if a stamping decor on the shining ideal metal polishing.

The interesting effect can be achieved by a combination of opaque and mirror formations. Let's tell, the bottom of a gold bottle looks opaque, as if slightly misted over, and the top – perfectly mirror.

Perhaps, someone will be interested in development of a decor with a mirror covering in which there are a few transparent areas ("windows"). They can be accurately entered in design, or can chaotically take place on a bottle, making an impression as if someone in impatience tore off small pieces from the bottle which is wrapped up in a gold foil, wishing to look what is there inside …