Silk-screen printing with ceramic inks

Direct silk-screen printing with ceramic inks and with subsequent high-temperature firing is the best technology for applying color images on the glassware surface. We perform printing on automatic equipment of the world’s leading manufacturers: "Kammann", "Balsfulland" (both from Germany), "Fermac" (Italy) and firing – in the furnaces of the worldwide leader "Antonini" (Italy). It is possible to apply up to 8 colors simultaneously, including paints with precious metals - platinum (silver) and gold.

Printed image is highly resistant to chemical, mechanical and thermal effects due to the deep penetration of the paint into the surface of glass at temperatures above 600 0C. We have the most extensive fleet of silk-screen equipment in Ukraine, which allows us to work with all types of glass items: round, oval, square, as well as with items of complex and curved shapes.