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SINCE 2004

"DANCO DECOR" is a pioneer and consummate leader in the Ukrainian market of glass bottle decor for alcohol and other beverages. The company was founded in 2004. In those not too distant times the only means that made it possible to distinguish one Ukrainian product in a glass packaging from another was a traditional paper label.

At the very end of 2004, right before the New Year holidays, we proposed the idea of glass decor for a new vodka bottle for one of the leading alcohol companies in Ukraine.

ADVANCED decoration technologies of commercial decorating

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ADVANCED decoration technologies

Chemical frosting
Silk-screen printing with ceramic inks
Printing with inks containing precious metals
Silk-screen printing with UV-inks
Hot stamping
Vacuum metallization
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Thug Life
Sparking wine Oreanda & vodka Khortytsa
Plakuchaya Iva

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