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One of the most effective methods of decoration for giving a bottle an unique exquisite look is coating. This technology allows to carry out full or partial painting of bottles with one or several colors.

Colored glass can be translucent or opaque, have different color saturation, tint and tetxture (from glossy to rough, stone-like matt).

There are also laquers for coating creating special effects on glass surface, namely, "metallic", "pearl", "Chameleon", "Soft-Touch", not to mention materials changing color at different temperatures! 

We use all types of painting materials, including water and epoxy-based lacquers, as well as sprayable ceramic paints that require high-temperature curing (which may be a good solution in case when glass bottles shall withstand pasteurization) .

Coating and drying process is conducted in fully automatic mode what makes possible decoration of big batches in a short time and with stable quality.

Coated bottles can be decorated with silk-screen printing or hot stamping.

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