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Chemical frosting

The technology of chemical frosting (satinning) of bottles involves special impact on the outer surface of the glassware, as a result of which the glass loses its transparency and acquires a pleasant to touch roughness. Masking of particular areas allows creating a transparent “window” effect on frosted bottles.

Glass containers of any shape can be frosted.

After chemical frosting of glassware, other decoration methods can be used, including coating, silk-screen printing with ceramic and organic inks and hot stamping.

Based on years of experience with different frosting materials and perfectly mastered all the features of chemical frosting of glassware the “DanCo Décor” Company developed its own product under the trademark Dafrostwhich allows performing the frosting of glassware or glass containers with impeccable quality and low consumption of frosting powder for one product. At the same time, each batch of Dafrost products undergoes not only careful laboratory control, but also is tested in a real production process on an automatic chemical frosting line.

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