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Cooperation scheme

Idea and inspiration

Any creative process begins with an initiative and requires inspiration. Perhaps, this is all that is necessary to start cooperation...

The model and the volume of bottles to be decorated

The company "DANСO DECOR" has been cooperating with many glass factories in Ukraine and abroad for many years. Therefore, if necessary, we are ready to support the customer in the selection and purchase of glass containers for decoration.

Exterior design

To proceed with our work, we need a design in an electronic format, supported by standard programs that manage to work with vector graphics objects (for example, Adobe Illustrator). However, our designers are always ready to provide professional help in the implementation of the creative idea of the customer and prepare a vector image of the decor.

Batch size

In general, we perform orders of any size. The information on the number of bottles in a batch is essential for choosing the optimal solutions at the stage of preparation and implementation of the project.

Timing of orders

The lead time depends on several factors.

The complexity of the design, the number of manufacturing operations, the decoration methods used, and the size of the batch determines, to any extent, the date of the batch  readiness for shipment.


Based on the decor features, as well as the shape and size of the bottles, we will offer an optimal packaging chart that will ensure the safety of the decorated items during transportation. We also perform an assessment of the selected packaging quality using special vibration stand, simulating the conditions for the transportation of glass containers.

the model and the volume
exterior design
batch size
timing of orders

Our specialists will adapt the layout of the decor taking into account the size and shape of the bottle, as well as the characteristics of the decorating equipment. Moreover, at the request of the customer, we are ready to produce samples of printed images or coating (in the printing industry it’s called "color proofs").

Visualization of the layout

The customer will be provided with a color image of the decorated bottle for approval. At this stage, it is possible to make some changes in the design of the decor, take a step back and proceed with the work.

Development of the technological process

 After the approval of the layout decor, the experts of the Group of New Projects will develop the technological process for decorating: they will determine the sequence of operations, equipment operating modes, the materials and tooling used.

Making samples

It is one of the most essential steps on the way to manufacturing a production lot. In the experimental laboratory, we will test the correctness of the preliminary material selection, technological operations, colors, placement of decor elements and other parameters that determine the final appearance of the decorated bottle.

But, most importantly, we will provide the customer with the opportunity to evaluate what the decor will look like not on paper or the monitor screen, but on a real bottle.


The very stage when the magic of turning an ordinary bottle into a unique packaging will occur!

Quality control

After each technological operation, the quality of the decor will be carefully controlled. The criteria for assessing quality have been defined by standards approved by the customer, as well as the rules for conducting visual inspection and tests.


After quality control of the finished product, the bottles with decor will be delivered to the packaging site. As a rule, the decorated glassware is packed in carton boxes, installed in several tiers on wooden pallets. To protect the bottles from friction, we will insert special paper between the bottles or provide them with individual packaging. Each pallet will be packed in shrink film.


We have vast experience in delivering finished products to various parts of the world. We cooperate with major international transport and forwarding companies. Therefore, within the agreed time we can order a vehicle, arrange loading, carry out customs clearance of the cargo and... proceed with discussing the next order!