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How it works


Preliminary analysis of the project

To start working on a project, we need the following information:

A) model and capacity of bottles to be decorated. If necessary, we are ready to give all-round support in selection and buying of glass containers for decoration meeting the requirements of the customer.

B) artwork in vectors. Design in electronic format, supported by standard vector graphics programs (for example, Adobe Illustrator).

C) vision about your order size. Information on the number of bottles in a batch is essential for choosing the optimal solutions at the stage of project preparation and implementation.

D) desired shipping date.

Having received these input data, our specialists will be able to develop technological chains, select materials and make trial samples providing the opportunity for the customer to evaluate how the decor looks not just on paper or the computer screen, but also on a real glass bottle.



When the bottles are delivered to our factory and pass the obligatory incoming control, the key stage of work on the project, industrial decoration, will begin.

Depending on the chosen decoration methods, the bottles will rush along the conveyors of screen-printing machines, be painted with colored lacquers on the automatic coating lines, fired in tunnel lehrs or chemically matted in special etching solutions in order to turn plain glass containers into a finished product that exactly meets the customer's expectations!



The quality of the decor will be carefully controlled after each technological operation. The criteria for assessing the quality are defined by the reference samples approved by the customer, as well as the internal regulations and industry standards for carrying out in-process inspections and testing of the finished products.



The decorated bottles passing through quality control will be delivered to the packing area.

As a rule, the decorated glass containers are packed in cardboard boxes placed on wooden pallets. We will put wrapping paper between bottles or even provide their individual packaging for better protection from scratches during transportation. Each pallet will be shrink-packed into polyethylene film.



We have vast experience in delivering finished products to various regions of the world, cooperating closely with major international transport and forwarding companies. Therefore, we can order a vehicle, arrange loading, carry out customs clearance of the cargo within the agreed time frame and... proceed with discussing the next order!