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The DanCo Decor company has created a bottle for the new brand "Carpathian Present"

Mountain air descends from Carpathian peaks, moving its hair and charging with positive energy, bringing with itself new thoughts and health to all alive. Mirror lakes breathe with morning freshness. Incredibly beautiful nature with its forests, rivers, picturesque houses which are scattered on mountain slopes, forces inhabitant deprived poetic gift, to write a message to the loved person, or call in order to express admiration for this wonderful corner of our country.

Exactly in this region the new brand "Carpathian Present" was born. The bottle designed by DanCo Decor company with modern methods of glass decoration, highlights the natural purity of the Carpathian water, which is used in production of vodka and caressing a look of wonderful views that, opening like a picture in the “window” of the bottle. This landscape as a basic element of design, in combination with the beautiful gold letters applied on glass with gold-bearing paints highlights and emphasizes the premium brand.

A wonderful gift from the Carpathian masters to your table. We wish to the new brand prosperity and high commercial rates!