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Original decor of bottles for TM “Zolotyi Lviv” from “DanCo Decor” company.

“DanCo Decor” is implementing a project for decoration of bottles for vodka “Pans’ka” owned by “Zolotyi Lviv” brand.


The original design, which was developed specially for this line, pleases the eye with the townscapes of ancient Lviv and conveys the home atmosphere of the old town. Decor of the bottle emphasizes long history of the brand, which was established in one of the oldest and most beautiful cities of Ukraine, continuing the successful story of the manufacturing plant and maintaining the traditionally high quality of the beverage.


Technology of screen printing with ceramic inks which was applied in decoration of “Pans’ka” bottles helped our specialists to create a beautiful décor on glass. The image is smooth to the touch and creates an effect of a picture on the bottle which draws buyer's attention.