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Innovative decoration: Khortytsa ICE bottle

Release of the new decorated bottles for Trade mark Khortytsa ICE has marked the last summer month for DanCo Décor Company. A special advantage of this decoration lies in coating of bottle surface with temperature-sensitive dye that changes its color at different temperatures. At room temperature the bottle is matt and turns dark blue when cooled to 8 °C or below. Traditionally, vodka is served chilled so the change of bottle color under the influence of cold can identify that the drink can be consumed. When put in the fridge, after gradual cooling to +8 °C, a bottle of Khortytsa ICE vodka changes its color from matt to blue. Afterwards the cooled beverage is ready to be consumed. This effect was successfully implemented on the surface of glass bottle thanks to the developments carried out by the team of technologists, chemists and colorists of DanCo Décor Company. Technology of „temperature-sensitive dye on glass” developed by our executives, has no analogues in the CIS, which proves the leading position of DanCo Décor Company on the market of glass containers decoration.

In addition to the coating of the bottle surface with temperature-sensitive dyes Khortytsa ICE was decorated by silk screen printing with UV-curable inks, another innovative technology that has already been highly appraised both by customers and consumers of beverages.