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«DanCo Décor» company performed decoration of bottles for «Nemiroff LEX» vodka

DanCo Décor plant carried out decoration of batch of bottles for super premium vodka «Nemiroff Lex». The image of decorated bottle can be seen in section "Our products".   Design of bottle for «Nemiroff LEX» vodka was designed by famous French designer Philippe Seys who is one of the world leaders of fashion in the sphere of creation of bottles for spirits.

In the form of this bottle designer expressed the idea of top perfection of vodka. Bottle is made in France by «Saverglass» company that is a leader of the world market in producing of exclusive glassware. For decoration of bottles «Nemiroff LEX» was used the method of screen printing with ceramic and UV-inks.    Distinctive features of this product in a segment of super-premium vodka are unique taste and exclusive package. Modern technologies of decoration help to create style and accentuate the uniqueness of a drink. Strong drink in decorated bottle is a perfect gift for connoisseurs of luxury.