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On the eve of the New Year, which is considered to be the Year of the Fiery Rooster according to the Chinese calendar, we made a limited series of the decorated bottles with the amusing name "Ku-ka-re-ka" for the Lyubotin plant “Prodtovary”.

It isn't surprising that it is the rooster who is represented on a vodka bottle with such easily memorable name! Probably, it isn't casual that the drawing on a frontal part of a bottle is executed by means of the direct printing on opaque glass in the technique close to the well-known Petrykivka painting. For masters from Petrikivka a rooster is not just a bird but a symbol of awakening, wellbeing and the defender of the house.

In all drawings the bird is fantastically beautiful and adult. And the more the tail is, the more good luck and happiness it will bring. There is a strong wish the Rooster to bring peace, consent and prosperity to Ukraine.