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Let’s have a few drinks of ... tea?



- Let’s have a few drinks of ... tea?

Such a proposal is quite appropriate when it comes to the famous liqueur known as Tatra tea, which has been prepared by the inhabitants of the High Tatras for a long time. There was even such a custom - the guest who froze in the cold was always greeted with hot herbal tea infused with alcohol. Well, today the line of strong and dessert liqueurs under the TATRATEA trademark, which are produced by Karloff, is a calling card of Slovakia. Products from the snow-capped mountain ranges of the Slovak Tatras are sold in 14 countries of the world, including Ukraine!

Let's leave an overview of the taste characteristics of various TATRATEA drinks to professional tasters and pay attention to the packaging design. Moreover, the decoration of the bottles for this legendary Slovak brand is well under way at the DANCO DECOR plant! The “neckless” silhouette was designed resembling a thermos flask, which is popular in the ski resorts of the Tatras. The bright colors in which the bottles are painted go well with the minimalism of the shape of the glass packaging!

The central element of the decor is an ornate T-shaped logo printed with hot stamping. There are many symbols in the smallest details of the logo pattern: the balance of life, protection from evil spirits, the sign of the god Perun, elements of the earth, flora and fauna, a symbol of creativity.

On the bottles one can also find the images of numerous awards that have been awarded to TATRATEA products, made with pinpoint precision by silk-screen printing with UV-cured inks.

Well, if we are talking about awards, it is worth mentioning that the design of TATRATEA bottles has earned the highest jury score at such prestigious competitions as Red Dot Award, ED-Awards, Pentawards and Designpreis Deutschland.