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New automatic painting line will be put in operation in September


Dear colleagues,

we are pleased to announce, that the new line of bottle’s coating is already being produced!

Development of the equipment construction have taken pretty much time, since we have set a goal to get all the best and innovative, that can be used for this project. We have never cut corners regarding reliability rate, coating quality and productivity. As the result, carefully selecting units for the new machine, we opted for production of the unconditional leader, whose equipment is used all over the world for decoration of glass bottles and glassware as well as coating, for example, parts of the superfast French trains TGV or industrial machinery of the German giant LIEBHERR.

Basing on the own long-term experience and bench trials of different coating systems, we have chosen newest machinery with a unique twin-turbine system for the coating applying electrostatic spraying method. Compared to the traditional coating with air guns, electrostatic spraying method doubles efficiency (ink transfer coefficient – 95%, air guns – up to 40%) and displays an undeniable benefit in the quality and stability of the ink on the painted surface.

We have thought about the productivity of the new machinery as well. New line is capable to coat 80.000 bottles every day since it is equipped with a rugged conveying system from Denmark and two powerful driving units of German production.

All the activities regarding the assembly of equipment and preparation of the new workshop on the «DANCO DECOR» factory are being conducted according to the approved schedule, while long-awaited start-up is going to be in early September.

Summer is passing fast by, yet we are going to be 100% ready to the seasonal growth of order quantity!