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Polar Bear

Touch the Arctic, feel its spirit, feel the majestic, seemingly ice-cold peace today is possible for each of us together with the American company PL BRANDS Inc. and their vodka Polar Bear. Full harmony of style and name, calm elegance of forms, reflecting their content. And all this is another great result of the creative work of the specialists of the company-decorator of glass containers "DANCO DECOR", which once again showed their skills.

The design of the glass packaging is a 100% target hit, perfectly emphasizing and reflecting the name of the product. After all, it has always been important for us not just to make an appearance, but to help the product "tell" about itself.

The creative process of searching took place in one breath, the elements, as if by themselves, "flowed" out of each other, creating a perfect concept of representation of the inner content with its external reflection. Nothing superfluous – the clarity and restraint of lines, brought to perfection by the colour palette. Here is only the whiteness of the snow blocks and the deep blue of the sky. That's really the truth: "All ingenious is simple"! And the final touch, completely plunging us into the atmosphere of the Northern frosts, was a special technology of finishing the packaging.

In this case, to achieve the effect of misted glass, as if this bottle had just been delivered to your table directly from the North, was used satinning technique, it is – chemical frosting. With this method of decoration, the glass gets the necessary "frozen" matte surface with a pleasant roughness. The highlight of the project was the partial masking of the surface. Thus, we get a "window" effect, and have achieved unobtrusively competent focus on one of the most striking symbols of the Arctic – Polar Bears. Created by the method of silk-screen printing from the back side, they appear before us as if in a certain distance, thus creating a kind of illusion of real presence.

Another task has been accomplished. Another brand has acquired its own unique and inimitable style. And we are pleased to know that "DANCO DECOR" has made its contribution to the formation of recognition of the product.