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The Snow Queen's Palace

What do we most appreciate in strong alcohol? If we are talking about vodka, of course, the finest lines of the drink can be tasted when it is cooled. The character of the drink is perfectly emphasized by the cold and this idea prompted designers to create stylish packaging for the Ice Palace vodka brand.

Let’s take a closer look at the slender elegant bottle that went through all the stages of decoration at the DANСO DECOR plant. The content remains a mystery for the time being because of the “frosted” glass and it is not easy to see what is hidden inside! Anyway, either someone’s warm breath, or the hands of skillful decorators created a small transparent window through which you can see the famous Ice Palace. Carved roof tops, blue and white colors, the finest steeples turn back the clock and take us to the world of a winter fairy tale, where Kai turned out to be a prisoner of the Snow Queen, and the brave Gerda will surely find a brother and warm his frozen heart with the warmth of her love.

To achieve the effect of a frosted bottle the masters of the DANCO DECOR company used the method of chemical frosting. And to create a “window” they used special protective compounds. Weightless, ice-covered, trees around the “window”, a majestic ice castle, as well as the text part of the decor are applied using silk-screen printing with ceramic paints.