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Grape elite vodka it is carefully gathered best grapes, which had been ripening under the scorching sun and filling with moisture from the heavy rain. With no haste and arrogance as a real gentleman kept waiting to become a high-quality, clean, attractive and noble drink, passing through all the stages of distillation, filtration and processing of milk.

Collection trio of decorated bottles “Proba #1”, “Proba #2” and “Shabo Muscat” – they are aristocrats, created by the “DanCo Décor” Company. The design is made in a sophisticated style. There is nothing in excess: only noble gold, some color accents, thin strokes in the text and the conciseness of the decor in general.

The technology, used to create the decor for the line of grape vodka is high-temperature printing with ceramic inks, including gold-containing inks. Baking of inks on the glass at a temperature of 600 ℃ in the ANTONINI tunnel oven of Italian origin allows us to achieve an exceptional brightness and saturation of printed decor elements, providing a high resistance to chemical agents and mechanical damage.

Certainly, it is worth of attention the filigree accuracy of the printing and superposition of individual decor elements. This is the absolute merit of qualified specialists of the “DanCo Décor” Company, who has many years of experience of working on automatic printing equipment of the best world producers FERMAC (Italy) and KAMMANN (Germany).

Grape vodka “Proba #1”, “Proba #2” and “Shabo Muscat” - refined bottles with a honorable drink. Decorated glass packaging perfectly matches the content, confirming its exceptional quality and crystal purity of the product.