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Great rulers of Kievan Rus'

In January 2012 new vodka brands with the names of great rulers of Kievan Rus’ – “Knyaginya Olga” (Princess Olga), “Knyaz Yaroslav Mudryi” (Yaroslav the Wise) and “Knyaz Vladimir Monomakh” entered the alcohol market.    Decoration of bottles for this line was performed by “DanCo Décor” company.

The basic design of décor is focused on the front side of the bottle. The brightness and the damage resistance of the images, used in designs, were achieved with the help of hard firing of ceramic inks. The used technology of frosting with a “window” allows to see the portraits of the rulers, applied on the back side of the bottle, as if you are looking through lens.    Another detail which should be considered is silhouette of the Old Russian city. This effect is achieved with the help of chemical frosting of a bottle, followed by application of the image of the city with special lacquers which partially restore transparency of glass.   Technologies of glassware decoration used by “DanCo Décor” company allow accentuating personality and exclusiveness of a drink inside the bottle.