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Doing our best

Each new project passes a way of transformation from a creative plan to his embodiment in a real product. Bottle decoration isn't an exception. Sometimes the solution of objectives requires literally several days. But, in certain cases, the final result, decorated bottle, becomes a result of a long collaboration of specialists of the DanCo Décor Company with the customer.

Bottle for TM Yanhelivka became the real challenge, a test of the professional level of personnel of our company. For decoration of the bottle various technologies have been used: painting with masking, printing with high-temperature and UF-curable paints, the creation of volume elements of a decor.

Therefore, with special pleasure, we have found out about the recent success of Yanhelivka vodka at one of the most prestigious world competitions International Spirits Challenge (ISC) 2017 which annually takes place in Great Britain. In the comment to an award, it is specified that the product of TM Yanhelivka meets all quality standards of ISC and it is awarded a jury appreciation.

We congratulate our dear customers on success and we hope that new joint projects are expected by the same success!