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What do we know about the gold of the Scythians?

The famous three-tiered pectoral in ancient times served as an ornament and a symbol of the power of one of the Scythian rulers in the Northern Black Sea region. Although the Scythians considered themselves the real owners of these lands, actually they were of Iranian origin. And around the 7th-6th centuries BC they had rich neighbors, the Greeks, who founded their colonies on the Black Sea coast. Greeks and Scythians not only got along peacefully on the same territory. They also created mixed marriages and, of course, traded actively. Ships transported grain, meat, dried fish and slaves to the Greek city-states, and back - wine, olive oil, textiles, metal products, as well as luxury items made of gold, about which we know from the grave excavations of the Scythian kings. Thus, it could well have been written (in Greek, of course) “made in Greece” on the product label of the magnificent golden pectoral.
But the decoration of the bottle for Premium Vodka "Skiff Gold Limited Edition" was made by the masters of the Ukrainian plant "DANCO DECOR". Like artisans from Ancient Greece, we used gold for printing on glass. And in order to make the decor resemble coining, we used the embossed printing.
Now "Scythian Gold" can be seen not only behind museum glass, but also a bottle or two can be bought for some special occasion. And for this it is not at all necessary to be a powerful Scythian king!