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Bottle decor for cognac - the same age as the independence of Ukraine


On the eve of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's Independence, we received an honorable, but at the same time, very important task - the design of bottles for the collection cognac "Ukraine", the release of which is timed to coincide with the upcoming anniversary. The best specialists of the Shustoff cognac house worked on the recipe for the drink, which includes alcohols that are the same age as our country! Of course, the bottle decor should reflect the high status and noble origin of the anniversary cognac "Ukraine". The central element of the image on the glass is the name of the drink implemented with screen-printing with Gold-containing inks. With the help of a special technology developed by our technologists, we managed to achieve a three-dimensional effect, which, according to the designers, should resemble coining on gold. Now, connoisseurs of matured cognacs will be able to appreciate not only the elegant, complex aroma of the drink, but also the unique design of collectible bottles!
Happy Birthday, Ukraine!