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An elegant décor for Turkmenian vodka ARASSA

Being the leader of Ukrainian market of glass decoration, “DanCo Decor” company actively cooperates with manufacturers of alcohol from Europe and Asia. An example of successful cooperation between the company and  foreign customers is decoration of bottles for Turkmenian vodka ARASSA.

The décor is performed in soft, elegant style, in red and white colors, with the use of innovative technology of UV-printing with thermochromic inks. The combination of two technologies: printing with ceramic inks and with UV-curable thermochromic inks allowed to create a bright, modern packaging for high-class beverage. Décor fundamentally changes on cooling of the bottle to + 5C and below. White and delicate flower petals are slowly filled with red tone and flare with light scarlet, Turkmenian pattern on the back side of the bottle becomes deep blue, and the branch of the flower becomes deep green, transferring a fresh blooming garden atmosphere on the bottle.

Innovative technologies which are used by “DanCo Decor” for decoration of glassware and which have no analogues in Ukraine have long been an integral part of a successful brand for any beverage.