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Such business gifts as bottles, glass tumblers, shot glasses, cups, etc. decorated in a corporate style become even more popularWhat is more, a bottle, decorated in a corporate style may be combined with presentable contents, drink for any taste. It is also very convenient to make a set of decorated bottle and shot glasses or decanter and glass tumblers.

Today it is hardly possible to surprise somebody with branded notebooks, pens, posters or booklets. We surely agree that these are goods of constant and everyday use but we should also understand that promotional merchandise should be up to such a level, to be chosen by a customer for everyday use instead of competitor’s product. Usually, such products are expensive and do not guarantee 100% success in marketing. 

“DanCo Decor” is ready to produce exclusive corporate goods using any glassware you choose according to your order. It can be bottle, shot glass, glass, beer mug, ashtray, vase, cup or any other glassware.

As an example, see the photo of our three latest works. Bottle “Huhryanka” combines the technologies of chemical etching and silk-screen printing with ceramic inks. The same technology of silk-screen printing was applied for decoration of the bottle “Samogon Elitnyy”. Design on the bottle “Ukrtransgaz” was made by technology of complete coating (in this case, shading) of surface of the bottle by clear blue lacquer. Due to complete coating of the bottle “Ukrtransgaz”, printing was made with UV-inks that do not require subsequent firing.

Specialists of “DanCo Décor” company will help you to choose the glass item and offer various options for its decoration. We will undertake all efforts to develop and manufacture the decor, and if necessary we will organize bottling of a drink at one of the distilleries of Ukraine.