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Branded production

DanCo Décor Company keeps on developing activities related to the branded production. The company has executed an order for applying decoration to the glass bottle for "KHARKOVMASH". The product style was designed in terms of corporate identity and can be used for advertising and marketing.

Strict design defines the individual style, and the blue color of images and text harmonizes with a muted shade of frosted glass. Inscriptions and graphics are printed on the frosted surface by screen printing method. Drawing on the back label is emphasized by the transparent window which creates the effect of a multidimensional image. Local landmark, Fountain "Mirror stream", highlights Kharkiv origin of the enterprise and increases its recognizability.

DanCo Décor Company is developing new ideas and innovative technologies that can present a company in a beautiful and bright way, and receives further orders for decorating of bottle series starting from 20 pieces.