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Branded products as a unique possibility to present your company

Corporate image is based on a number of marketing solutions presenting the brand status and the most distinctive features that form its recognition.
DanCo Décor Company provides bottles industrial decoration for leading Ukrainian alcohol producers and is considered to be a leader in glass products branding by offering to its customers the original and aesthetic opportunities to promote their corporate identity. Recent examples of successful collaboration include order fulfillment for private joint-stock company Kyivmiskbud. As a result of the application of complete satining technology the bottle surface has became smoky and acquired a pleasant roughness. Design is made in terms of the company style and its corporate colors. An image applied by screen printing represents the logo and delicate graphics in a bright and clear way.

It is worth noting that DanCo Décor Company offers the possibility to apply decoration to other types of glass products: bottles of drinks, shot glasses, mugs and ashtrays. You can print portraits, landscapes, images, drawings, original designs, greeting labels and branding symbolic. In advance of the holiday season a decorated gift presented to partners will let you be distinguished among the competitors and remind of your company during celebrations and informal talks.

Apart from the corporate direction our company offers the glass products decor for individual customers. Such products adorn every feast and will be an integral part of home and office interior during the celebrations, anniversaries and professional holidays.