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New equipment for decorating

Silk screening is one of the popular types of printing, which allows application of color images on glass bottles of various shapes. Drawing or inscription created by pressing stencil paint through the mesh. This method was apparently invented in China in the 10th century. Pretty quickly it became popular, and had been mastered by a number of Asian countries. Later Western European factories began to use silk-screening as well. Rapid popularization of the method contributed to the development of technologies.

At the moment screen printing is made through automated tools that provide a clear patterning and can handle non-standard surface.
In its activities DanCo Décor Company uses automated lines produced by European leaders of screen printing equipment and glass containers decoration. Recently the company has significantly expanded its technology park by having purchased machines from «Fermac» (Italy). The new model represents more automated printing processes and is controlled by means of electronic media. This allows to achieve the high-speed printing and make the final product more accessible.

One of the special features is the ability to get very rich and full color image. The palette covers up to eight colors, including paints with precious metals - platinum (silver) and gold. To consolidate the results products are fired at a temperature above 600 0C. Italian press ensures high quality images, allowing you to get fine lines and tonal shades and ensures their resistance to weathering, moisture and chemicals.

A recent innovation helped to optimize the processing of various forms of glass products and to improve the decoration of round, oval and square bottles as well as of curved and non-standard containers. The equipment also allows printing on glassware.

By expanding its technological capacity DanCo Décor Company keeps on  improving classical and developing new methods of decoration, offering to its partners the possibility of unconventional presentations of their companies.