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Bulbash №1 Malt Spirit

Bulbash No. 1 is a fairly young Belorussian brand, which rapidly entered the premium alcohol market and won high praise from experts and popularity among customers in a short time. Numerous awards received at international competitions are the main proof of high quality of Bulbash No. 1 Malt Spirit vodka, the packaging decoration of which was entrusted to our company. For example, at blind tasting conducted by experts in the framework of Vodka Masters contest, which is held annually in London, Bulbash No. 1 Malt Spirit received the Master Medal in prestigious Super Premium category. In 2017, the authoritative resource dedicated to alcohol, The Spirits Business included Bulbash No.1 Malt Spirit vodka to the list of 10 best premium alcoholic products in the world in terms of price / quality ratio!

The design of glass containers for a new premium drink fully reflects its character: moderate colors, smooth lines, a minimum of decorative elements, each of which is the information carrier. Everything is serious and solid, but without excesses and flash - this is how Belarusians behave, whose life position and traditions are reflected in the product.

At first sight it may seem that the bottle’s design is not complicated, but the visual simplicity hides the most difficult work of experienced professionals from DANCO DECOR, who used the wide range of modern technologies in decoration process.

Having started to implement the design solution, the experts of DANCO DECOR used “coating” - a method of coloring that allowed to preserve glass transparency, but at the same time it also gave a noble “smoky” tint. The application of this method provides for the possibility of further decorating using silk screen printing and hot stamping technologies.

Application of hot stamping with the special foil on a glass was chosen for the gold wheat spikelet as an important part of the artwork. It symbolizes the exceptional quality of natural raw materials used to make the drink. This image has not only a great visual effect, but it also provides pleasant tactile sensations.

Other art and text elements of the decor are made with the method of multicolor silk-screen printing with UV-curable inks, which is distinguished by high accuracy of image transfer and possibility of simultaneous application of the whole selected color palette.

Decoration of glass packaging for Bulbash №1 Malt Spirit vodka is not the first experience of cooperation between Ukrainian decorators and Bulbash Plant LLC from Belarus. Each new joint project is a challenge, a serious professional level test for the specialists of DANCO DECOR.  It can well be said that another exam has been passed successfully and it’s time to prepare for new tests!