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Old Carpathia - the magic of antiquity, enclosed in glass

Old Carpathians, Gray Carpathians, an indestructible stone that rose in the very center of Europe, a mighty mountain system whose slopes and peaks remember footsteps of Roman legionaries and clattering of hooves of knightly horses. Both of them were left in the distant past. The Carpathian mountains are covered with dense forests as before, washed by waters of countless healing springs, snow-white caps of perpetual glaciers are still rising on the mountain peaks. And just as in ancient times, the true highlanders, the original inhabitants of this harsh land proudly tell the story of Carpathia, mysterious and unbending. It is easy to get lost without an experienced guide on its narrow paths that are winding between the rocks from one mountain valley to another.

It is worth looking at the ancient map for those who are attracted by the romance of adventure. The lines of mountain rivers snake among the forests, fed by numerous tributaries. Cozy towns, inaccessible castles and small farms are hidden from prying eyes in picturesque valleys.

Their names are also preserved on the map, recalling the rich history and national diversity of the Carpathians. Of course, we know that this mountainous region is inhabited by Ukrainians, Slovaks, Romanians, Poles. But, how much do we know about who are Hutsuls, Lemkas, Boyks or Rusyns?

It is not difficult to find a mysterious map, because it is placed on each bottle of vodka "Old Carpatia". Magically, the old map was transferred from the parchment to the glass of modern bottles. This miracle was created by the specialists of the Ukrainian enterprise "DANCO DECOR". They did not have to ask for help the mysterious Carpathian magician molphars. The bizarre decor of the packaging for the new product appeared thanks to professional work of specialists from Kharkov, use of modern technologies and application of high-quality materials from Europe.

The map is applied to the bottle by means of silk-screen printing with ceramic inks and subsequent baking in the oven at the temperature of 600 ℃. By the way, 250 ml bottles are decorated on transparent glass whereas half-liter bottles are subjected to chemical matting before installation on the printing equipment creating a popular effect of "misted glass".

When you open an elegant bottle of "Old Carpatia" among friends, you will not only enjoy an exquisite taste of the drink and admire the fine work of the decorators. Perhaps you will plan the routes of future trips to the mysterious and beautiful mountainous region, viewing the old map on the glass.