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Prime Noir and Blanche - black and white classics in Noir Style


Noir, this word evokes memories of old black and white films where there is no place for sunlight,  whisper of rain can be heard, the streets are dark, covered with a haze of smoke that transmits the pale light of the lantern. Some lonely person stands there - a mysterious man in black cloak and hat.  He is charming, self-confident and has inner strength, ready to risk his life for an inspiring femme fatale, mysterious and cold, a woman every man dreams of  but who will give her heart only to the winner, the queen, whose silhouette is guessed in the dim light of the bar. These two persons embody an era in cinematography, filled with secrets and passion. They are the heroes of the film-noir, the "black film", they passed all the tests with dignity, achieved their goals and now they are going hand in hand to new adventures.

Nowadays "Noir" is popular again in filmmaking. "The City of Sins" by Robert Rodriguez is an excellent example of the traditions' continuation laid down by Hollywood in the 40s of last century. And it's not surprising, because we can hardly imagine something more stylish and brutal than black and white film, a gun and a fatal girl.

It is possible that masterpieces of Hitchcock or Kubrick inspired the packaging designers to create new vodka brands Prime Noir and Prime Blanche and choose black and white matt as the main element of decor.

The Ukrainian company "DANCO DECOR", which has a great experience in decorating of glass containers, has transformed the ideas of the designers into reality. We used materials of a special series to create black and white matte coating, which have increased resistance to abrasion and detergent reagents. The painting and drying are performed in fully automatic mode on the European equipment meeting the highest standards of efficiency, economy and environmental safety.

The technology offered by the decorators of "DANСO DECOR" made it possible to turn bottles of Prime Noir and Blanche vodka into a magnificent gift souvenir, table decoration and exquisite addition to the bar collection.