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Checkmate – the nobility and the elegance of the winner

Chess is not a game for anyone, but only for the elite; for those who can appreciate art of strategy, beauty of combinations, charm of original moves and virtuosity of tactical decisions leading to victory. "Shah and Mate" - these words sound like a music, the fanfare announcing the victory and that now you can relax, relieve stress and give yourself to festive triumph. And that the triumph was worthy the winner and the gained victory, it should be celebrated with a drink that corresponds to importance of the achievement. For example, super-premium vodka Checkmate, created exclusively from natural ingredients. This premium vodka passing multi-stage filtration and bottled in Israel is distinguished for its unique transparency and smooth taste.

The design of packaging is not inferior to the high quality of the new “winners’ drink”. The decoration of glass containers was made by the Ukrainian company DanCo Decor well-known for its participation in many challenging projects developed by Ukrainian and international spirits manufacturers. Noble “frosted” surface and minimal color palette of pastel shades; dignity, air grace and dynamic power of the horse, ease and sophistication of the entire composition fully reflect the nature and advantages of the content.

The specialists of the company DanCo Decor apply the method of chemical matting with the "window effect" giving the container a noble matt finish and pleasant to touch roughness, while retaining a transparent window that creates the effect of the lens and allows to evaluate the purity of the contents. To obtain such a result, a part of the surface that should remain transparent is covered with a protective material, After this a glass container is immersed in a the special solution prepared on the basis of the matting powder DaFrost, developed by DanCo Decor, where the top layer of the glass not protected with the special paint is etched.

The next stage in the process of bottles’ decorating is creating of multi-color images by means of silk screen-printing with ceramic paints. This technology gives some advantages. Actually, it does not only allow to reproduce printed elements of decoration with absolute accuracy, but also guarantees its reliability and resistance to moisture, chemicals, and mechanical damages, as ceramic paints are baked into glass surface by firing at very high temperatures. The use of dyes with a high content of pigments gives the image a high color saturation.

Premium vodka Checkmate in the elegant bottle decorated by DanCo Decor is a drink which will embellish the celebration and emphasize the exquisite taste of the winner.