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Laconic design as reflection of nobility and purity of the Cossack character

The history of vodka «Kruto» is the history of the Ukrainian Cossacks embodied in the recipe perfected for long three hundred years and recreated at the alcoholic beverage factory with the centenary history located in the center of Ukraine.

Produced from the best sorts of wheat, and the purest water from the depths of the Ukrainian land, which has gone through repeated distillation, the vodka «Kruto» is gentle and soft, clean and fresh, filled with love and the scent of untouched nature.

For reflection of unsurpassed qualities of this unique drink, the specialists of the Danсo Deсor company, which is leading enterprise on creation of decoration for glass containers, have executed the design of bottles which has united laconicism of straight lines, purity and minimalism of a palette of paints in combination with nobility of precious metals.

The decor is based on chemical frosting, which creates the effect of snow frost so-called satin, and this gives the glass container a pleasant roughness, sensed with tactile contact and ensures the highest quality of glass surface haze. Application of the know-how product developed the company "DanCo Decor" made it possible to produce unique glassware with a surface that had impeccable properties with minimal expenses for matting substance. Since chemical matting is a very complex and expensive process, which guarantees protection from counterfeits, it also has high aesthetic components. The universality of chemical matting has allowed combining this technology with screen-printing with ceramic paints.

The application of decorative elements printed with ceramic paints is followed by high-temperature firing - up to 600 ° C, which gives the image a special brightness and color saturation, providing high resistance to various types of mechanical, thermal and chemical influences.

What makes décor of bottles “Kruto” especially elegant is application of paints containing precious metals for printing. It emphasizes the high status of the noble drink and its belonging to the "Premium class". The decor elements, screen-printed with inks containing gold and platinum, are fired at the optimally selected temperature modes with succeeding slow cooling, which makes the image absolutely resistant to any kind of damage.