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A new project Night Lviv, made by “DanCo Décor” Company for SMC “Absolute Standard” has already attracted the attention not only of Ukrainians, but also of foreign tourists.

Let's take a closer look at the decor of the bottle. The central composition consists of recognizable symbols of the tourist capital. Majestic buildings, as witnesses of the change of epochs, the birth and collapse of empires, rise above the streets of Lviv. Here is the highest City Hall in Ukraine, and the famous Opera House of Lviv, and the Dominican Cathedral with its severe mystical architecture.

Of course, the former capital of Galicia can not be imagined without the famous tram, which slowly carries passengers through the streets of old Lviv for almost a century and a half.

You don’t need to be an expert in the field of decorating, to assess the accuracy of printing all the decor elements with the use of UV-inks. This is the absolute merit of a large team of specialists of the “DanCo Décor” factory, working on this project. Pre-print preparation, selection of colors, adjustment of high-speed automatic printing machines equipped with UV drying, printing and quality control of work - these are some stages of the technological chain, at the end of which there is a unique packaging for the new product of our customer.

Remember that the project is dedicated to the night Lviv. Therefore, no wonder, we decided to use coating in black by electrostatic spraying for this design of the bottle. The play of light and shadows, the contrast of squares in lights and mystical twilling of narrow streets of the old city makes an atmosphere of greatness and mystery, recalling that the ancient Lviv, whose history is full of incredible stories and urban legends, still holds many secrets.

This unique design, implemented by the Company “DanCo Décor” wasn’t left behind of experts in the field of packaging. Night Lviv was highly appreciated by the jury and the awarded with "The best of" at the prestigious contest "Ukrainian design: The very best of".