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City Lights

“When the flasks struck 8 p.m., the sailor Joe, who was off-duty that day, went down to the shore. By the usual route, he headed to his favorite port tavern “Shark Fang”. Having nestled down at a table by the window, like in all the ports where the fate brought him before, Joe ordered a half-liter of  SK Vodka Carbon in a bottle of the sea color on a moonless night (and, no, this is not a “product placement”, as one might think). Life in the tavern went on as usual - dice were rattling, a pretty drunk sailor with a hoarse voice was humming a very sad Portuguese song, a noisy French company was arguing hotly at a nearby table, it seemed like about football. However, all of this did not annoy Joe at all - he looked thoughtfully out the window, staring at the big city lights ...” Perhaps such an introduction would be quite suitable for some romantic movie in which the poor sailor once met his great love in a distant port. Then, there would be the hardships of separation in the story, excruciating doubts about fidelity and the desire to find out the truth at all costs. Of course, it would not have been possible without a “bad guy” (well, or “villain”), who would insidiously try to destroy the union of two loving hearts by taking advantage of separation. However, at the very end, following the rules of the genre, He and She would surely stand on the shore (evening, sunset, the sound of the waves) and, looking passionately into each other's eyes, said something from which even the most callous spectators, according to the director, could not hold back tears...

And one of our favorite romantic comedies is City Lights. In this film, the beggar (Charlie Chaplin) falls in love with a blind flower girl, and by any means collects money for an operation that can restore the girl’s eyesight. Despite the fact that Charlie Chaplin made this black-and-white “silent” movie almost 90 years ago, one watches it in one breath, and its last shots, certainly, will not remain indifferent even the inveterate skeptics!