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Good chiefs are in good companies, and ours is not an exception. During summer recess in July the management of the DanCo Decor Company took the corporate activities for the members of the company. We had a good, healthy and family evening. Yes, family! Aside from the fact that all our company is almost like a family, there were also our members’ kids.

By tradition, our collective visited remarkable "Feldman Ecopark". We enjoyed various exotic and not really animals, the silent nature, and a tasty shish kebab. Children also liked roundabouts at a playground after which we took a fancy for more serious attractions so we altogether gone to Gorky Park.

The corporate spirit was top-level that even more knitted our collective together. You all know that in good mood and with friends’ help you are ready for impossible.

So now, “having charged”, we are ready to realize your orders in reality with even great pleasure!