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Birthday of vodka

January, 31 is celebrated in the CIS as an informal holiday, Birthday of vodka. On this day in 1865, Dmitri Mendeleev defended his doctorate thesis "The combination of alcohol and water." This work is devoted to the research of solutions and is based on the analysis of an aqueous solution of alcohol. It is widely thought that the famous chemist could find the right proportion which caused vodka invention. Despite the fact that the "bread wine" had been spread in the country long before Mendeleev’s scientific research, it is his work that marked the beginning of a new phase and popularity growth of vodka.Popular alcoholic drink celebrated 148 years. All this time the name of Dmitri Mendeleev has been mentioned in the context of the development of vodka industry, and today is used to develop and promote alcohol brands.

The company "Luga-Nova" produces vodka, named after the inventor of the drink - «Mendeleev». Taking into account the predominantly export-oriented activity (vodka is delivered to the USA, Israel, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and China), as well as the premium status of the brand, it was decided to decorate the bottle. Experts of DanCo Décor Company decorated the bottle, using technologies such as chemical frosting and screen printing. The result of partnership is a stylish decorated a bottle with a strict and minimal design. The combination of two basic colors - black and white on the matted rough surface looks outstanding and draws the attention of consumers.