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Hoverla conquerors work in Danco Decor company!

Almost everyone knows the most famous Ukrainian mountain. Even those citizens who are not too sophisticated in geography will probably tell you that this is Hoverla. The highest point of the country is located in the grey Carpathians, at the foot of which originates the wayward Prut. It is so good in these places, fresh, free, unique...

“The difficult terrain” - this is how the word “goverla” is translated from the Romanian language. Our specialists faced the same “difficult” creative task when they received an order to decorate a bottle for Goverla vodka with the same name. The most interesting thing is that the customer of the new vodka brand doesn’t come from Ukraine at all, but from France. It seems like France has got everything, even the highest mountain of Western Europe, but they don't have their own tasty and attractive vodka. Of course now they will have it, thanks to the efforts of our craftsmen. And there is nothing we can not do, we can even conquer the peak of Hoverla and it is also not a problem for us to put another interesting idea of bottle décor into practice!

The conical outline of the mountain, the edge of the coniferous forest, dazzling white snow on top, shimmering in the rays of the bright winter sun. And it is not without reason the word “goverla” is translated as “snow mountain” from the Hungarian language. All the hidden beauty of the Carpathians is in one picture.

For the “flagship” of the Hoverla Premium Vodka line, our technologists proposed an interesting solution - to use a combination of matte and glossy gold when printing the mountain. Thin gold stripes resemble bright glare in the sparkling snow on sunshine.

And for the other six variants of vodka, we selected rich color solutions that correspond to the different fruit flavors of this strong and original drink.

And it doesn’t matter whether you conquered Hoverla or not - now you have a unique chance to make a fascinating ascent, starting, for example, with Hoverla Apple, then continue the route through the “passes” of Hoverla Coconut, Red Berry, Pineapple, Peach and Acai Berry directly to the shining golden top of Hoverla Premium Vodka!