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Big plus for amazing SECCO + wine by Danco Decor

Shall we drink good wine? What sort of wine do you prefer at this time of the day? Many people, for example, love sparkling SECCO +, and not only for its wide selection of taste options. Six different blends of this drink are offered to the sophisticated public by German winemakers. Here is sparkling, like sonorous laughter, SECCO for a private party with friends. And here is wine with a complex aroma for solemn and particularly important life moments. Dreamers and visionaries prefer SECCO with a touch of exotic fruits from distant islands...

But professional decorators of glass containers from Danco Décor company look at this wine in a completely different way than everyone else. At least, during working hours. For them the drink is not characterized by an optimal content of extractives and sugars. Not by the addition and intensity of flavors and aftertaste. And not even by the total tactile-taste effect. It is the appearance of the bottle to be on the very first place. They decorated the bottles with love and diligent for millions of sparkling drink lovers around the world. In fact, clothes speak for men. Especially for youth. Therefore, Danco Decor technologists did not save on SECCO + wine “clothes”! They did it at the highest level, decorating the bottles with the latest high «bottle» fashion; the sophisticated technology décor was also used in the bottle design.

To get a "golden" mirror surface, they decided to apply the most complicated technology – vacuum metallization. Let us explain. It can be obtained when metal molecules are deposited on the glass surface in the vacuum! Can you imagine such a process? And this is not a stage in the microelectronics production or a picture from the life of nanotechnology lovers - these are real opportunities of Danco Décor company! And of course, silk-screen printing with UV-curable inks played its part in the design of such a popular wine. This kind of decorating approach let images and inscriptions on glass become resistant to mechanical damages after polymerization of paints under the influence of ultraviolet rays.

Now, when you know everything about decorating process, take another look at the SECCO + bottle and tell us, it is a real beauty that you want to pick up and carefully examine first, is not it? And then with a wide gesture put it on a table served with fruits and sweets, invite your best friends, get high glasses and ... But, that will be another story.