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"Three, seven," ... vodka.

Do you like alcohol drinks as much as we do?  No, it is not only about drinking them, but also about “tasting” the package, which they are presented in. However we do not only carefully study the best samples of glass bottle decor, we are in fact the pioneers in the implementation of several innovative technologies.

Attention to packaging design is not a coincidence. The accomplished artful bottle decoration can tell a lot about the status of the product, its composition and preparation technology. Do you want an example? Then let's take a closer look at the Triple Seven Vodka bottle. That is, as the philosopher would say, we will be familiar with the form before embarking on the content. Surely, Armbrand designers and Danco Decor decorators encrypted the answers to many questions related to the “biography” of premium vodka from Belarus in glass form for us.

To the bottles of a classic round shape one applied tinting on the one of two modern painting lines installed at the DANCO DECOR factory and a high-tech turbo-disk spray gun was used as well. 

The inscription of Triple Seven Vodka is contrastingly placed on three multi-coloured stripes. Are there any links between the stripes and the brand name? Certainly! There are some links. Each of three label stripes corresponds to a specific purification cycle of alcohol. The blue stripe, made by hot stamping with metallized foil, symbolizes the use of "nano-filters." The gray colour of the second stripe corresponds to a purifying silver filter, while the black one corresponds to a carbon filter.

What is Seven telling us about, i.e. "Seven" in the name of vodka, which is printed with UV inks using automatic equipment of the Italian Fermac company?

It turns out that for the production of Triple Seven Vodka, the technologists of the Bulbash plant use alcohols made from seven types of cereals! As you can see, the glass packaging decoration can tell a lot of interesting things to those who wants and is able to see. We only need to take a closer look, to use logic and imagination and ... voila, this is not an ordinary bottle but a fascinating story, full of hidden meanings and symbols.