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Santa Claus drinks only Laplandia vodka!

Who said that adults do not believe in magic of New Year? In fairy tales, in miracles, in Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden? They do believe! And they rejoice at the onset of the winter holidays no less than the children.

Do you also look out for New Year with silver glittered sled with a bearded charioteer and his permanent retinue? And of course, you hope that there will be exactly what you dreamed about for a whole year under the Christmas tree in the morning.

And then everyone should thank the caring Santa Claus for his visit and attention. Someone quite small, having climbed onto the stool, stuttering and forgetting the words, will tell him a poem or sing a song. And someone older will invite the weary Santa Claus to the table and offer him a couple shots of vodka. For an “unexpected” arrival and a long-awaited gift, for his pretty granddaughter and wonderful deer, for the unquenchable northern lights and for the victory over the King of the night, for ... But you never know what we will have to toast on such a solemn and unusual day!

In general, it seems that we have figured out something to toast, but it is very important not to make a mistake in the choice of a drink in the right package. It is believed that Santa Claus is picky and likes exclusively Laplandia Vodka. Therefore, it is worth making sure that small decorated bottles from Finland will appear on the festive table by all means.

Otherwise, all is lost. And Santa Claus can leave without gifts, and the last words of the Snow Maiden will be “Really, a whole year was not enough for you to meet grandfather properly?” But one says, ""A good year beginning makes the whole year good"". In general, after such a failure at the start, nothing good can be expected.

The customer of the decorated Laplandia Vodka bottles is the Finnish company Shaman Spirits, and the design is rumored to have been personally approved by the most genuine of all real Santa Claus in the world, the Finnish Joulupukki from Lapland! It is his real name, and if after tasting the entire Laplandia Vodka alcohol line, you can utter such a name without hesitation - you will be happy in the New Year!

Joulupukki took care of the shape of the bottle - it’s very handy to take it with you, put it under a fur or under a sheepskin coat. By the way, the glass packaging design was made at our DANCO DECOR factory; it is visually pleasing and creates a New Year's mood!

Most of the bottles of the Laplandia Vodka collection are crystal matte, like January ice on a pond, and only the flagship of the Laplandia Aureus line is painted dazzlingly white like a fallen snow.

Nothing could be better in winter decor than snowflakes. They quietly sank onto the bottles of Laplandia Vodka, striking with the pattern sophistication and the variety of shapes. One of the main visual accents in the glass bottle design were reindeer printed with matte gold paint. One of them, of course, is Rudolph, and the second one is one of his brothers in the fellow team that drives Joulupukki on his annual world tours.

It is not much time left before the New Year, therefore, here is our advice: urgently stock up on wonderful decorated bottles of Laplandia Vodka and get ready to meet Santa Claus worthily (as well as St. Nicholas, Santa Claus, Père Noel, Babbo-Natale or, simply, Zyuzya if you are in Belarus on New Year's Eve)!