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FUTUR-AQUA eco-project - Greta Thunberg would be pleased!

Global warming, ocean pollution, toxic emissions into the atmosphere ... Environmental safety issues have been on international agenda for a long time. More and more activists are joining the movement against further pollution of our planet, including not only scientists and politicians, but also writers, artists, movie and music stars. Brad Pitt and Leonardo Di Caprio, Emma Watson and Cate Blanchett, Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars ... All of them are united by various programs and funds that finance the variety of environmental issues.

Environmental friendliness is becoming an increasingly popular trend on the consumer market, including the choice of packaging. The glass bottle is in the best interests of the growing demand for eco-friendly products - it is non-toxic, 100% recyclable and reusable. In addition, according to the consumer’s opinion, glass preserves the true taste of the packaged product in the best way.

In general, we got lucky to be relevant to one of the most “progressive” materials, and we have been trying to maintain the high “ecological status” of glass containers from the first days of the DANCO DECOR plant by introducing decoration methods with minimal impact on the environment. We were the first in Ukraine to develop, together with Italian colleagues, a multi-stage system for treatment and disposal of effluents, application of  of rather toxic solvent-based varnishes was abandoned in favor of more environmentally friendly water-based paints. Our automatic lines are equipped with highly efficient electrostatic spraying systems of the latest generation, which allows transferring up to 95% of the coloring material to the product, and printing machines have UV-curing units making possible to use inks that do not require energy-intensive high-temperature drying of printed inks.

Having received an order from FuturAqua Mineral Water Company (Hungary), it immediately becames clear that we met not only a new Customer, but also a team of like-minded people! The slogan “FuturAqua - the future of water - the water of the future” reflects the company's desire to organize the production process in a way providing minimial impact on nature. It is not surprising that bottles from the most natural and neutral material, glass, were chosen as the packaging for FuturAqua water, and the decor of glass containers was designed to emphasize the crystal purity and environmental friendliness of the product. Silk-screen printing on a round transparent bottle is made in such a way that the elements form an integral image on the front and back, with the decor details printed on the back appear magnified due to the lens effect, which creates a glass container filled with water. The product line is presented in two designs (mineral natural and sparkling water) which preserve a single recognizable style and differ in color scheme.

Since the customer plans to reuse decorated FuturAqua glass bottles, special attention was paid to the resistance of the decor to mechanical damage - industrial tests confirmed that even after several filling cycles, the decorated glass containers do not lose their original attractiveness.

In general, it’s nice to know that a part of your work is in the project aimed at forming responsible attitude to the use of natural resources and keeping the planet suitable for the life of future generations. Greta Thunberg would be pleased!