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For the new MOSES Finnish line – the sky is the limit!

It’s really great that we live in such a mobile and international time! We want to recall that currently Moses kosher vodka is produced in Finland by Shaman Spirits company, the glass bottles of which are decorated by the Ukrainian company Danco Décor, and not only Moses’s children that follow kashrut can buy and drink it, but also everyone in different parts of the world. And they do it with great pleasure hardly the first year! By the way, we have already written about this original vodka and the contribution of Danco Decor specialists to its success.

The sales results, feedback from experts and consumers inspired Shaman Spirits managers to take further steps. The idea of expanding the product line of the Moses premium brand by adding brand new series arose a few months ago. This time it was decided to make the product packaging of the Moses brand more modern, cosmopolitan, designed for the attention of  "millennials" around the world, but not only for Orthodox Jews.

This time, the creators made a decision to go without biblical stories, and make the decor concise in form, but interesting in execution. After going through the various options, we settled on the idea of ​​applying the principle of a puzzle: the name of the MOSES brand is printed with UV inks in such a way that you can only read it by placing two identical bottles side by side!

The restrained text design contrasts with the bright coating applied to MOSES bottles by vacuum spraying and staining. The radiance of gold and silver, like brushed copper and the dazzling whiteness of Carrara marble - these are the associations that a cursory glance at the updated MOSES line evokes.

We don’t know how Moses himself would have appreciated such a project, we think he would have approved it. And our contemporaries are happy to buy products of the MOSES trademark both for the beauty of the decor, and for the natural, tasty and kosher contents. Well, if you follow the hint of designers and decorators and unite the inscriptions on two bottles, and then combine their contents by the method of phased consumption inside, then very soon only the sky would be the limit.