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Secrets of borovicka

     After there was shipped the first batch of bottles, decorated for our new partner from Slovakia, we started the work on the following project - decorating bottles of TM "Goral Borovicka". At this time, some bright colors were added to the traditional design of «Goral Traditional». And our goral (see. article about "Goral Traditional" project) turned out to be no longer in the snow-covered Tatras Mountains but surrounded by numerous juniper bushes, from which, according to the ancient tradition of Slovakia, a well-known and much-loved drink is produced - borovicka.

    According to some historical data, for the first time in Slovakia, borovicka was made in the 16th century in the county Habsburg monarchy Liptov. Today it is considered one of the national drinks of Slovaks.

     What makes borovicka so popular? The secret is in the recipe. The distillate is prepared from ripe fruits of black juniper and barley, insisted and then three times distilled. The result is a drink with alcohol 37-50 degrees, it is aged three to six months and finally bottled.

     The bottle, in turn, has a great importance when choosing and buying a drink. The "DanCo Decor" company uses the latest technology, improves the methods of decorating to realize the most complicated design of the customer. The basis for the design of the bottle "Goral Borovicka" was the chemical frosting, so fond of our customers, which creates the effect of frosted glass. Then using the method of silk screen printing we applied the traditional for the entire line of bottles TM "Goral" image of a goral in the frame of a traditional ornament. The "highlight" of the decor is the bright and juicy print of the green juniper against the background of the High Tatras. By the way, "DanCo Decor" is the only company in Ukraine that can print 8 colors in one pass using ceramic, organic or UV-curing inks, which makes it possible to apply a complex multi-color pattern with high accuracy of combining design elements.

     Borovicka got its name from the Slovak word "borievka", which in translation means "juniper". For Slovaks, this is not just a drink, but an object of national pride.

     We are proud that the work of the "DanCo Decor" factory is highly appreciated not only in Ukraine, but throughout Europe. The supply map of our decorated glassware is constantly expanding. At the same time, customers allots us more and more complex and therefore interesting tasks. Isn’t it an incentive to work better, harder, to achieve the highest goals and move forward?