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Hot stamping

Hot foil stamping foil is a decorating technology that allows reaching unusual visual effects and emphasizing the uniqueness of the product. DanCo Décor Company has been the first decorator in the CIS that has mastered the Foil Hot Stamping technology by applying it to a vodka bottle. Thanks to the researches made by company experts the technology possibilities were considerably widened.  Now it is possible to apply Hot Stamping to the entire surface of the bottle, with no restrictions.

Innovation has a number of advantages, allowing the use of a wide range of colors and types of foil (silver, gold, matted, gloss, etc.) and combining various foil shades and varieties. It is possible to use foil with holographic elements of the customer. Thus, the technology allows printing any corporate identity element. Hot stamping is an alternative to printing by inks containing precious metals, which expands the possibilities for the realization of any design decisions.

Method of ringed Hot Stamping was developed as a part of the presentation program of new technologies, presented by DanCo Décor Company in 2013. The design of vodka "Belvedere" was taken as a sample for presentation of the technology.