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Fresh wind and crystal lakes of Scotland in an elegant bottle of premium vodka «Inveraray».

Anniversary is a special event! Anniversary is an occasion to summarize, analyze, memories, certain plans for the future. Sometimes, the anniversaries are sad, sometimes festive and gleeful.

By its 15 th anniversary LLC "Gorobina" has released a premium vodka «Inveraray», the bottle of which was designed by the company "DanCo Decor." Vodka was presented on September,17 of the current year at the exhibition of "100 best goods of Sumy region." «Inveraray» are planning to export to other countries, and soon it will hit the stores.

The bottle design introduces us Scotland of the 18th century, a country with a harsh climate and courageous people, who fought for their freedom for centuries. The whole image of the bottle emphasizes the purity of the air and the freshness of spring waters of river Esk, as purity, freshness and softness of the water is the distinguishing feature of vodka «Inveraray».

The nine step water filtration technology and the use of structured water "meltwater", outlined by a spring tree with melting icicles in the foreground, all these technologies are used in the manufacturing process. A so-called "window", obtained by a partial-matting technology, with the ancestral castle of Inveraray Campbell (1789) is situated under this tree. The castle is located on the shores of a pure lake Loch-Fine, and is a key element of the composition of design. The castle embodies the devotion to traditions and sense of duty, and the river next to it - the purity and softness of vodka «Inveraray», thanks to the technological features of manufacture. The castle and text are applied to the bottle by screen printing, followed by high temperature sintering, whereby the bottle may be reused.