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Brand promotion: new solutions

 Constant development and improvement of the technology characterize the style of DanCo Décor Company and form the successful basis for the ideas initiated by our team. This quality is well known to our partners, for whom glass decoration is an important part of a brand promotion and image improvement. As far as design and selection of art glass processing technology are concerned, the company always focuses the individual style of a customer and offers interesting innovations. We are pleased to notice that DanCo Décor Company refers only to the environmentally friendly decor methods and consider bottles decoration to be a guarantee of protection against forgery.

 These principles have been surely taken into account when fulfilling the order of Lugansk Liquor and vodka producer Luga-Nova. After the application of the chemical matting, a glass bottle has become visually pleasant, while the use of screen printing allowed to draw more attention to a unique design and texture. Premium status of the brand is emphasized through the stylish inscripment made with the use of precious metal screen printing (platinum). This is a positive feedback about the quality of our work which motivates and inspires us to keep on searching for original ideas. The company moves forward, approaches to every cooperation offer in a creative way, and is gratified by the success of our partners.