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Back to the future. Modern design for the ancient Rivne.

The high tower seems to support the sky… The gleam of the sunlight falls on the pinion wall. The main gates are just going to be open for showing us events of heroic days that went on long, long ago…

This is not a beginning of a novel about a knight in shining armour and young beautiful lady. We are proud to announce the idea that has been made a reality as the noble glass packaging for vodka «Rivnenska Premium»!

Let’s take a closer glance at the new product. The chemically etched (frosted) bottle is slightly rough by touch and looks like covered with frost. There is a tower with the three gates on top of the face side – the heraldic symbol of Rivne. The tower, name of trade mark and other text information is printed with Gold underlining wealth and prosperity of the lands in Rivne’s region.

The technology called “window effect” was applied for this project making possible to see the panorama of the old city printed on the back side of the bottle through the transparent glass area serving as a lens.

The joint efforts of the specialists working at the plant DanCo Decor as well as application of state-of-the-art technologies and modern equipment provided creation of the unique design of decorated glass packaging based on ancient traditions and laying emphasis on the luxurious status of the spirit.

We hope that the new peace of art developed by DanCo Decor will be appreciated by true lovers of noble drinks!