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Santa's Holiday

Winter is coming to an end and it means that Santa Claus is starting ... his holiday season!!! Santa will traditionally gather colleagues from all over the world in his Lapland. They say that Saint Nicholas has exactly been invited and at the moment he is packing his suitcase (he can not to go abroad with a bag!). So. In order for our delegate to the congress of the main Christmas celebrities to adequately represent the country in the, so to speak, international arena, we send another batch of decorated Laplandia bottles to the Arctic Circle. Santa will pour his famous tinctures into them and will certainly treat the guests of honor. They will admire the bottles with deer and snowflakes and have an unhurried conversation about everything in the world - about Greta Thunberg and melting ice, about the latest Tesla-sled models and the impact of the coronavirus on gift deliveries from China. And when the grandfathers start the return trip, everyone will be given by Santa a hefty supply of Laplandia bottles covered with frosty drizzle. So that to be enough until Christmas…